Gibraltar facts: why you should get married in Gibraltar

What do John Lennon and Sean Connery have in common? Yes, they both got married in Gibraltar. In fact, Sean Connery even came back to the Rock to marry his second wife!

Following a rise in political tension between Gibraltar and Spain over the past couple of years, the British territory affectionately known as ‘the Rock’ has been all over the UK news. But there’s more to Gibraltar than border queues and Barbary Macaques – it’s also an increasingly popular wedding destination. Here are some facts about Gibraltar and why you should get married there.

The climate

Gibraltar is famously depicted with a cloud hovering over it due to the moisture emanating from the 1,398-foot high Rock. However, this doesn’t mean it’s always cloudy! In fact, being located at the bottom of Spain and a 30-minute ferry ride from Morocco, there’s an annual average of 300 days of sunshine a year. So, if you choose a summer day for your wedding, you’re pretty much guaranteed great weather.

The locals speak English

Gibraltarians speak a dialect called ‘llanito’ which is a mixture of British English and Andalusian Spanish. If you listen to Gibraltarians talking amongst themselves, you’ll notice that they appear to swap between English and Spanish mid-sentence. This is a characteristic of llanito called code-switching and is a phenomenon which often takes place when bilingual people communicate. When planning your wedding, it certainly helps if your wedding planner, the registrar and your DJs can speak English.

You don’t have to change your money

The official currency of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar pound, although most shops in Gibraltar unofficially accept Euros as well. You can use British pound sterling anywhere in Gibraltar and can withdraw it at some ATMs. Make sure you convert your Gibraltar pounds to sterling before you go home, though, as you can’t spend them in the UK. You probably won’t find that difficult given that Gibraltar is a duty free zone!

An exotic location on your doorstep

Gibraltar has its own international airport. Flights operate several times a day from Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester and take approximately two and a half hours. You will also have the pleasure of landing in one of the world’s most unique airports. Gibraltar’s runway intersects the main road leading into the city. This means that the traffic has to be stopped each time a plane lands or takes off – quite a sight to behold!

Nearby honeymoon destinations

Gibraltar borders the beautiful Spanish region of Andalucia which is home to amazing beaches, natural forest and stunning mountain ranges. There are also direct flights and boats to Morocco (Tangiers and Casablanca) if you want to spend your honeymoon camel-trekking in the Sahara.

There are plenty of reasons why Gibraltar is fast becoming a hotspot for overseas weddings. With the implementation of the Civil Partnership Act last year, it’s also a hub for same-sex unions. If you need any information about weddings or suppliers in Gibraltar, make sure you contact us here.

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