Real live wedding DJ or DIY playlist?

One of the most memorable parts of your big day has got to be losing yourself on the dancefloor surrounded by your family and friends after finally bagging the girl or guy of your dreams. Surely one of life’s best moments! That’s why it’s so important to put the right person in charge of the music. You might think that no one could be more right than yourself – after all, you know better than anyone what music you want to hear on your wedding day. So why not take the DIY option and prepare a playlist that will have everyone dancing all night long? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Here’s why:

(Wo)man or machine?
(Wo)man or machine?

1. Reading a crowd is a skill

Playing other people’s records may look easy from afar but, if done properly, it’s a skill that requires knowledge, practice and experience. One of the most important aspects of a DJ’s job is to read the crowd and then choose the perfect song to play next. Keeping the dancefloor packed at a wedding is an art in itself. The crowd at a typical nuptial celebration is not the same as the one at your local club – with an age range from 0 to 90 and music tastes that couldn’t be more varied, keeping them all satisfied takes skill. You could create the perfect playlist yourself but it’s going to be pretty hard to read the crowd before the big day – in fact, you’d have to be able to see into the future! You can’t beat a real live DJ for guaging the audience.

2. Requests, requests, requests

If your grandad has a sudden burning desire to hear AC/DC, a quick word with the DJ will have him shaking all night long a lot quicker than if he had to look it up on Spotify himself. A good DJ will talk you through song choices in advance – it’s a good idea to have a ‘no play’ list and a ‘must play’ list as a basis to ensure you and your DJ are on the same page.

3. MC duties

Most wedding DJs are also MCs. This means that, if you want them to, they’ll make all the announcements for the day, leaving you to relax and enjoy it all. They’ll help to move the day along and keep things to schedule.

Don't trust Siri to do your MCing for you!
Don’t trust Siri to do your MCing for you.

4. Lights are important

Okay, so you’re not planning an underground rave in a disused nuclear bunker but there’s more to lights than strobes and lasers. They really can make all the difference and it’s standard for DJs to have a full lighting system that they bring with them wherever they go. The lighting is responsible for the general ambience and can really help to create the right vibe for your wedding celebration. From uplights to spots to LEDs, what’s certain is that you’ll need some type of lighting to create the atmosphere you’re looking for. A good DJ will guide you through the lighting options and make sure they fit your plans.

5. Technical knowledge

As with most things, DJing is harder than it looks. And dealing with sound equipment takes expertise and knowledge. Setting up, getting the sound levels right, making sure you have the right speaker voltage for the crowd capacity, ensuring that the microphones are feedback-free: wedding DJs are worth their weight in gold if only for removing this sort of stress from your day. Good DJs know that it’s essential to have a back-up of everything because your big day isn’t a rehearsal!

If you do decide to choose a wedding DJ over a playlist, make sure you run through all of these points with him or her, just to check they’re all covered. The most important part of selecting a wedding DJ is that you feel you are able to trust him/her – after all, you want your wedding to be memorable for all the RIGHT reasons!

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