Best of Chica DJs – Week 1

We give you advice on how to sort out your wedding music, how to choose your wedding DJ and some tips to help you decide whether you need one at all. We also let you in on some DJ Secrets. Here’s a round-up of the articles published by Chica DJs this week:

Real Live Wedding DJ or DIY Playlist?

Do you really need a wedding DJ or can you save yourselves some cash by putting together a playlist for your big day? We help you decide here (although we might be slightly biased!).

How to Plan your Wedding Music: The Must-Play List

We give you some tips on how to compile the best possible Must-Play music playlist to give to your wedding DJ. If you don’t know where to start, start here!

Celebrating Gibraltar’s First Year of Civil Partnership

This week marks the first anniversary of the introduction of civil partnerships on the Rock of Gibraltar. We look at what civil partnership means for Gibraltarians and ask whether gay marriage will follow soon.

11 Essential Questions to ask your Wedding DJ – Part 1

Choosing the right DJ for such an important occasion can be tricky – there are so many out there! We set out what you should be asking your potential wedding DJ to make sure you get the right one for your big day.

11 Essential Questions to ask your Wedding DJ – Part 2

More questions that you should cover with your potential wedding DJs before you book one, including the most important question of all…

DJ SECRETS: Where do DJs find their Music? Part 1

This one’s for beginner DJs. We tell you the secrets of where you can track down the best songs to start building an extensive music library.

DJ SECRETS: Where do DJs find their Music? Part 2

More DJ secrets to help you in your quest for finding great music.

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