A brief guide to getting married abroad

If you’re from the UK how do you guarantee sunshine on your wedding day? Get married abroad, of course! Why not choose a country such as Spain where there’s an average of 300 days of sunshine a year? There are plenty of reasons to consider getting married abroad. We set them out here and point out some extra points to think about.

Why should you get married abroad?

It’s cheaper than getting married in the UK

Now of course this depends on the options you go for and the currency exchange rates but the average cost of a UK wedding in 2014 was £20,983 compared to £6,500 for a non-UK wedding.

It’s unique

You may have in mind a particular place from your childhood that you’ve always wanted to get married in. But, if that’s not the case, what could make your wedding more memorable than having it in a luxury location where sun is all but guaranteed and where the food, music and ambience is more Granada than Grimsby!

It’s an extended party for your friends and family

Most people’s wedding is a day – just a day. If you can persuade your nearest and dearest to travel abroad for your wedding, they will at least make a long weekend out of it. This means everyone will be celebrating your wedding a lot longer than if it took place at home. Plus, it’s likely that if you bring plenty of guests with you, the hotel will make some concessions on the price.

What to think about when planning a wedding abroad

Can you speak the language?

If you’ve got your heart set on Spain but you haven’t spoken a word of Spanish since you were 16, you might want to consider getting a wedding planner. There are plenty of multilingual wedding planners on the Costa del Sol (contact us to point you in the right direction) who will be able to help you find the right venue and suppliers.

Are you required to stay in the country before or after your wedding day?

Chances are you won’t be swinging by just for the day of your wedding but it’s worth checking what the local requirements are for residency. For example, you have to resident in France for at least 40 days if you want to get married there. For Gibraltar, you only need to spend one night on the Rock.

Check the local laws

The definition of civil partnership can vary from place to place. Most countries recognise a marriage which has taken place in another state but civil partnership is a little more complicated. For example, a heterosexual couple can enter into a civil partnership in Gibraltar but, as the law currently stands, their union won’t be recognised in the UK because UK law states that a civil partnership is only valid between couples of the same sex.

Getting married abroad is a great way to make your wedding even more memorable and to save yourselves some cash along the way. If you’d like more information on how to plan for a dream wedding in Spain or Gibraltar, feel free to contact us.

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