11 Essential questions to ask your Wedding DJ – Part 2

This post follows on from Part 1 of the 11 Essential Questions to ask your Wedding DJ. Here are the rest of the topics you should cover in your first conversation with a potential DJ to check that she’s the right person to be in charge of the music.

6. Do you have back-up equipment?

As with all electrical devices, any number of things can go wrong with sound equipment. From broken cables, to unexplained controller malfunctions to laptop tantrums, make sure your DJ has a backup in case any piece of the equipment suddenly fails. 

7. What range of music do you have?

All professional DJs will have a very wide selection of music. However, if you have a particular genre of choice, it makes sense to check that your DJ is familiar with it. For example, if you happen to absolutely love ‘90s dance classics or disco, you’ll want to make certain she’s got plenty of those in her record bag.

8. Do you provide lighting and microphones?

Lighting is important for creating the right atmosphere in the venue. Most DJs will have a lighting system and microphone that they can bring along but it pays to check with your DJ whether they are included in the agreed price. Your DJ should also liaise with the venue to check their equipment too as well as guiding you through the lighting options which fit best with your wedding theme.

11 essential questions to ask wedding dj part 2

9. What happens if you’re ill on my wedding day?

Make sure your DJ has a back up plan in the event of illness. For example, there are two of us at Chica DJs so one of us can take the reins if the other is ill. Another option would be relying on a strong network of local trustworthy DJs who can fill in for each other if disaster strikes.

10. How much do you charge?

This is the second most important question. You’re on a budget and so how much a DJ charges will almost certainly be a big consideration. Imagine a DJ has answered all of your questions brilliantly and you’re convinced that this is the DJ for you. You’re on the same page in terms of music styles, she’s got the right experience and technical knowledge and you trust that she’s going to put her heart and soul into your big day as if it were her own. But, she charges more than you’d budgeted for. As with most services, it’s probably the case that you get what you pay for. If you trust her to deliver the very best for your wedding day, it’s ultimately up to you whether you can stretch your budget. Also bear in mind that entertainment is consistently cited as being responsible for around 80% of the event’s success. So perhaps it’s worth paying out a bit more than you originally set aside for a DJ who will play such a big part in making sure everyone has a great time at your wedding.

And now for the number one question you should ALWAYS ask your potential wedding DJ:

11. Why did you get into DJing?

Your DJ’s answer to this question will give you an insight into how passionate she is about her job. If you get the sense that she loves what she does and is enthusiastic about making people dance then making sure your wedding music is as perfect as it can be will be a matter of pride for her. If it’s obvious that your DJ is really enjoying the day, then you and your guests will enjoy it more too. This question will enable you to get a personal insight into her motivations and gain that trust that you need in your wedding DJ.

If you ask a potential DJ the questions above, you’ll get a good idea of how the DJ operates, how professional she is and, above all, whether she’s got the infectious enthusiasm that will make your party a success. If she’s the right one, she’ll give you peace of mind that you’re leaving your evening party in the hands of the right wedding DJ.

If you have any more questions that you think you should ask a potential wedding DJ, let us know in the comments below.

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