Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the first step for planning your music?

The first step is to contact us with your wedding date and venue. Then we’ll get back to you to let you know if we’re available on your date. Then we can meet at a time convenient for you to go over the finer details and get a deeper insight into your plans. If you’re not located on the coast or in Gibraltar, we’ll have a chat over skype.

I don’t have a clue what music to have. Can I just let you choose?

Yes, of course. Some couples know exactly what they want to hear and others don’t know where to start. We’re more than happy for you to leave everything up to us. We’ve got plenty of experience in filling dance floors so we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to guage the crowd on the big day.

What type of music will you play?

We play pretty much anything, as long as it’s what you like 🙂 We find that part of our appeal is that we’re flexible in terms of music. We understand that it’s your big day and that if you want to dance to an hour of tech house at the end of the night, then we’re more than happy to oblige! We’re equally happy to play Top 40, reggae, dubstep, jazz (within reason!), ‘90s house or anything else that you’d like to hear. We’re not the type of DJs who have a fixed playlist that we play for each and every wedding.

What type of set-up do you have?

We’re very proud of our set-ups which we’ve spent a lot of care building up. We have two main equipment set-ups: a classic set-up for smaller, more intimate weddings. This consists of a T-bar lighting rig, several floor lights, a smart-looking lighted façade and two 1000 watt top speakers. We also have a premium set-up for larger venues. This is made up of all the elements of the classic set-up plus a large lighting rig with extra moving lights and a thumping bass! Obviously all DJ controller, laptop, microphones, mixer, cables, etc. are included in both set-ups.

What if we don’t want the party to end?

We usually agree the approximate timings that we’ll play and also agree a rate for any additional hours that you might like us to play for on the night. If you and your guests just don’t want the party to end, and the venue is happy for us to play on, then we’ll play on.

Where will you travel to?

Our base is La Linea de la Concepcion in Andalucia in the South of Spain, just next to Gibraltar. Most of our weddings take place along the Costa del Sol, the Costa de la Luz, Gibraltar and the mountains in between. However, we’ve also played weddings in Germany and the U.K. so we’ll consider any location as long as we can get there. Drop us a line and we’ll chat about it.

How do we know you’ll turn up?

To give you peace of mind, we draw up a short contract which sets out everything you need to know, e.g. what time we’ll be at the venue and how long we’ve agreed to play for.

Can you play live Spanish classical guitar?

Short answer: no! BUT, we know some absolutely amazing guitarists here in the area if you’d like some authentic live music. We also know some fantastic singers, string quartets and world-renowned flamenco dancers whose services we can call upon.