Female DJs – a round-up!

We all know there are far fewer female DJs than there are male DJs. Not only are we under-represented in festival line-ups, the charts and record label signings but you’re also much less likely to walk into your local club and see a woman behind the decks.

This is nothing new. We’ll be exploring this topic in a lot more detail in coming posts but, for now, here are a few pieces from around the internet on the current state of play of the female DJ:

The reason there aren’t more female DJs

Thump gives us a straight-up reason for why there are fewer of us girl DJs

You don’t know any great female DJs?

Here’s some

Festival line-ups are pretty much male-only

Crack in the Road reveal what the Reading & Leeds festival line-up would look like if all bands with no female member in them were removed

Objectification issue

Pitchfork, via Women Produce Music on dance music’s growing problem with women

What’s it like DJing with heels? (and other insightful questions)

Some examples of inane questions that female DJs get asked 

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