The essential ’90s R&B classics you’ll want to hear at your wedding

Essential '90s R&B classics. Chica DJs weddings

Are you a fan of ’90s R&B? Have you been fantasising about bumpin’ & grindin’ as soon as the reception starts? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

It’s certainly got its critics but the ‘90s was in fact a fertile decade for music. The era that gave us Britpop, grunge, breakbeat, D&B, trip hop and the guilty pop pleasures that are Girls Aloud, Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys also heralded a new era for R&B. You can still hear its influences in today’s chart-topping hits – Drake has made no secret of his admiration for TLC, Bruno Mars says he owes a big debt to R&B hitmakers like Boyz II Men and Solange has paid credit to Brandy for her role in paving the way for today’s R&B.

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